About us

The hordes of content providers in the tech area all have at some point referred to our articles in getting sources for the latest happenings. We have been for more than five strong years, been the best writers of tech events and the release updates that keep everyone of our readers on the edge of their seats. With the passion of sharing stories deeply rooted and foresight guiding our entrepreneurs who founded the company, we have been listed on a lot of blogs among the best sources of technology updates worth following for those who are as passionate as we are.

We are non hierarchical, meaning the smallest of contributors of content in the company gets exactly the same attention as the most senior. The model we use allows all the news to have been looked at from all angles and is neutral to all who read and yet provokes thought.

There are a lot of strategies we have tried and tested to improve our platform in the past, but going forward and having learned that the most useful resource for change is the readers, we have handed over our future (design and niche) to the registered readers and even the once off visitors. History has shown that it works and we are glad to be this kind of company.